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ARTIST RESIDENCY in SHANGHAIApply to become one of 18 invited artists in a fascinating residence.
Terms and Conditions

Access the complete set of documents detailing our Terms and Conditions. You are required to adhere to all of these terms and conditions. Please read each document carefully.

Terms and Conditions

02.2 how to apply

the artist residency

The Swatch Art Peace Hotel is proud to offer the selected candidates some artistic 'time out' in its unique artist residency in one of the most dynamic and fast-moving cities of the contemporary world.

The following explains the application process:

Only online applications are accepted. There are no application deadlines.

Open an account on our website. Follow the registration process.

Log in and fill out the application. Consider the following tips:

 - present your project in as much detail as possible, explaining its relation to Shanghai  
 - present yourself consistently throughout the whole application
 - upload only the relevant and most representative files
 - choose availability carefully, as applications are also considered on this basis
 - a minimum of 3 months is obligatory
 - for group applications, each member has to apply individually.

Check the Terms and Conditions carefully.

Submit your application. You'll be asked to pay a fee of 30.- CHF which will be entirely donated to Médecin Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders).

Your application will be reviewed within about 8 weeks. You will be contacted in any case, whether you're invited or not.

Should you be invited, the Swatch Art Peace Hotel team will contact you to organize the travel to Shanghai (see What You Get).

You are responsible for obtaining a valid business visa. However the Swatch Art Peace Hotel team provides assistance and support.

Once in Shanghai, the Chinese Swatch Art Peace Hotel team will support you.

Every artist is entitled to hold an 'Open Studio' in their own working space at the end of the stay. However no artist residency exhibition will be held in the hotel.

The artist residency hosts invited artists only; no family members, friends, partners or visiting artists.

The stay in the Swatch Art Peace Hotel including breakfast is available for the invited artists at no charge. You will solely be asked to leave a 'trace' of your stay which will represent you in the Virtual Museum of the Swatch Art Peace Hotel's website.


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