The Swatch Art Connections

The Swatch Art Peace Hotel presents the SWATCH ART CONNECTIONS: fun, crazy, interesting projects that Swatch has been able to develop together with many artists-in-residence.

Swatch & Art - A love story

“Art is an invaluable expression of people’s heritage and culture.”
Nick Hayek


Connecting contemporary art, creativity and ideas from around the world is our aim. Over the past years, Swatch has connected with some of the over 390 artists-in-residence from different artistic disciplines in special initiatives and innovative projects.


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Artists in residence presented in the Swatch pavilion at La Biennale di Venezia in 2015, 2017, 2019.
Limited edition Swatch designs created by artists in residence.
Artists invited to exhibit or perform at international Swatch events.
Artists’ projects presented by Swatch in the Swatch Art Peace Hotel exhibition hall and in other iconic Swatch locations.
Wishing happy 90th birthday to Mickey !
An audiovisual artwork exploring Swatch through its sound environment - it originated a full set of new artworks.

For more than thirty years, Swatch has worked closely with outstanding artists, encouraging them to create. The Swatch Art Peace Hotel is the multicultural space opened for this purpose in 2011, welcoming more than 350 artists from 50 and more countries. 


Here we want to celebrate former artists-in-residence who have also contributed to the innovation and joy of life of Swatch.


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