Dorothy M Yoon

In residence from August 30th, 2017 to February 26th, 2018

1976, from Korea, South

Form of Arts:

Visual Arts, Photography, Installation

New Mong Yo Do Won Do

Mong yu do won do(1447), a painting by An Gyeon of a landscape based on the dream of Anpyeong, the third Prince of King Sejong, was a great inspiration for my artwork that conveys the boundary between and borderline of imagination and reality, normal and abnormal, as well as ordinary days and extraordinary days.


In addition, ‘Sa shi pal kyeong do (a landscape painting in eight sceneries depicting four seasons and 24 hours of a day from the evening moon to the morning sun) was also reinterpreted with the modern artist’ viewpoint.

(Dorothy M Yoon, 2018)