In residence from December 14th, 2019 to February 20th, 2020

1965, from Switzerland

Form of Arts:

#Visual Arts #Sculpture, Painting

Chinese Dragon

"I developed once a technique of making sculptures using only paper and wool (no glue, no papier mâché) by myself. If someone cuts the thread, it is possible to read the newspaper again. To start my work in Shanghai I was looking for a subject to demonstrate this technique.

The dragon is an important mythological figure in different cultures, especially in the Chinese one. It is also a symbol of power, strength and good luck, and of the imminent Chinese New Year. Therefore, I chose this figure to realize a sculpture.

These days it is difficult to buy newspapers with Chinese characters! The news today are disseminated almost only in online versions. Therefore, it was necessary for me to order some newspapers on Taobao. I tried to create a dragon, which is not kitsch; so, I did not give him wings or “flames”. Only sharp and long claws, to give the impression that it levitates.

Unfortunately, due to the situation caused by the corona-virus my residency came to an early end. If I have had more time, I would have tried to stage the dragon with other elements, such as cameras and a net over him, using it e.g. as a symbol for threatened press freedom. As it is well known, I work with the symbol of the things, and newspaper for me means “Information”. 

During my residency, many interesting things happened to me, like the invitation to take part in a reception to the Swiss president of the parliament among others." (Marcelot, 2020)

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