Shin Hoyoon 申昊潤

In residence from October 1st, 2018 to February 20th, 2019

1975, from Korea, South

Form of Arts:

#Visual Arts

Visualized Sound--31º13'02”N 121º28’82”E

"The artist has disassembled and reorganized the form that we have seen so far. The reconstructed shape is designed to be able to recognize the shape of the piece only at a certain angle in a form located between two dimensions and three dimensions. This piece carries out the image that is embedded in the head of the audience. This protruding image conflicts with the work of the artist and induces him to search for the illusion and essence. 

The artist is preparing for the next stage of the challenge through this residency. The artist who borrowed the image that existed in the meantime is trying to do work that reveals things that are not seen. There are many things that are not seen in our surroundings but exist. Some of them are simply invisible, things we do not recognize, things we are trying to ignore. The artist concentrates on the 'sound' among the many invisible ones. Sound is like air, so it always occurs and disappears around us as long as there is always air around us. But when we perceive the sound, we only think of the image of the organism making the sound, not the sound. The artist concentrates on the sound that we pass by and we try to solidify the image of the sound. 

The artist collects the sounds that occur in historical places. The collected sound is converted into the form of wavelength through the machine and the program, and the converted wavelength is realized by the artist in a 3-dimensional form.

For the artist who is looking for such a historical place, this residence is a very suitable place. It is very exciting to have a chance to have as an artist such a private space, but at a very historical space." (Hoyoon Shin, 2019)



Shin Hoyoon @ work

Shin Hoyoon @ work Shin Hoyoon @ work
Shin Hoyoon @ work Shin Hoyoon @ work
Shin Hoyoon @ work Shin Hoyoon @ work
Shin Hoyoon @ work Shin Hoyoon @ work