Tanja Lazetic

In residence from June 18th, 2015 to September 16th, 2015

1967, from Slovenia

Form of Arts:

#Video, Multimedia

Your Sky is a Crust

"There are no stars at night in Shanghai. The night sky there is a thick crust lit by a million lights that illuminate the city. Sometimes the wind blows the clouds apart and then a glow of a distant star may be glimpsed for just a short time. Early in the morning, as the dark gray sky was turning blue, a red star shone in the sky.

An elderly gentleman, one of the many kite-fliers on the shore of the river, set off his kite shaped like a red star to the skies almost every morning. Since the sky was overcast, the red star shone even more brightly, and sometimes this red star was the only star in the Shanghai sky for weeks on end." (Tanja Lazetic)