Zhou Peng

In residence from September 15th, 2020 to December 6th, 2020

1983, from China

Form of Arts:


Experimental No.2 #4158

"Experimental No.2

My inspiration comes from the Line of Cave painting and Mural painting. The Line is the simple and intuitional method to address the message from the mind by the ancients. When a single line appears, generated the outside area beside itself at the same time - this kind of relevance deem as the palm and the back of the hand. They are both independent and concomitant. I convert the Lights which existing but invisible in our real-world into the image by using the form of Line and the Area. Certainly, it could be reckoned poetically that the image expresses the unique relic in the elapsed of time. The line of the Lights is the physical persistence of vision, and it becomes a vector of concretization of the Lights; It is hard to reach the Lights, whereas we can catch the endless changeable shape of the moments to feel the existence of the Lights. I keen on exerting the ancient speculative method of philosophy to convey my art concept, exploring and blending those commonalities beyond words that conceal within the different civilizations. Using the method of Relativity to think induces me much closer to the real Self. At a certain moment, my spirit achieves the status of a pendent Ture Self. Then, I comprehend and pursue my art by this status."

(Zhou Peng, 2020)

Zhou Peng @ work

Zhou Peng @ work Zhou Peng @ work
Zhou Peng @ work Zhou Peng @ work
Zhou Peng @ work Zhou Peng @ work
Zhou Peng @ work Zhou Peng @ work
Zhou Peng @ work Zhou Peng @ work

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