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The Swatch Art Peace Hotel is open and ready to welcome you to work and develop your vision! In this exceptional global situation, we can welcome artists of any nationality, but only if they are currently based in China. We all hope that the world will “open up” again soon: more than ever artists will be the best ambassadors of renewed energy, thanks to the creativity, beauty and passion their art can express.
SWATCH FACES 2022 presents artworks by five former Swatch Art Peace Hotel artists-in-residence. From whimsical fantasy worlds to unusual mediums, their eclectic work bridges the gap between East and West and reflects the passionate, creative diversity that characterizes Swatch’s relationship with art.
The artist residency
The Swatch Art Peace Hotel concept is truly all about the artists and their work. Artists are invited to stay in one of the 18 workshops and apartments at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel for a period of three to six months, and to make their presence felt throughout the hotel.