In the exceptional global situation, international travels are very limited and many boarders are closed. Therefore, for the time being, we can only welcome artists (of any nationality) who are based in China. Artists responding to this criteria and who are selected will have an opportunity to join the Swatch Art Peace Hotel within a relatively short timeframe. Please make sure to visit this site a regular base, so you don’t miss the much awaited moment when we reopen our doors, to all artists, coming from all over the world!
Fun, crazy, interesting projects that Swatch has been able to develop together with many artists-in-residence.
The artist residency
The Swatch Art Peace Hotel concept is truly all about the artists and their work. Artists are invited to stay in one of the 18 workshops and apartments at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel for a period of three to six months, and to make their presence felt throughout the hotel.