Swatch Faces 2017 - Cédric Van Parys

Cédric Van Parys at the Biennale Arte 2017

Former artist-in-residence Cédric Van Parys shows his sculptures at the Biennale Arte in Venice.

In Shanghai Cédric Van Parys was struck by two key features of the city: its skyscrapers and its colonial history. He identified a series of strange sculptures built on top of skyscrapers in each of Shanghai’s municipal districts. The sculptures are monuments that incorporate a mix of stylistic elements from the architecture of the colonial period. At the same time they point to the incredible economic and financial development of the city over the last 25 years, to which the skyscrapers in Pudong testify today. For this installation the artist has isolated the monuments, which are unique to Shanghai, and presents them as scale models in an imaginary landscape. His point is to show that monuments can commemorate not just the past, but also progress. In the future, as the city continues to develop, new Monuments for Progress will arise.

Born in Belgium, Cédric Van Parys holds a Master’s degree in Architecture from Sint-Lucas Ghent and studied at Central Saint Martins, London. Hired as a researcher by the City of Rotterdam, he worked as an exhibition and stage designer for the 2014 International Venice Architecture Biennale and the 2015 Prada Fall-Winter Fashion Shows. After living and working in Shanghai as an artist and architect he recently started his own studio in Amsterdam, where he works at the interface of art and design.

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