Video Yuna Jinhua

Yuan Jinhua at the Biennale Arte 2017

Yuan Jinhua is showing his ink-wash paintings at the Swatch Pavilion

Poetry infuses the work of China’s Yuan Jinhua: in a series of 8 moody ink-wash paintings he gives voice to profound and changing emotions. Yuan Jinhua has always found that painting with Chinese ink gives him great freedom. The horizontal lines in these 8 panels emerged while he was a resident artist at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel. Painting these works allowed him to express his feelings and state of mind at a particular moment in his life. The artist refers to the works as “meteorological” and to a continuous exchange between the microcosm of the artist’s body and the grand macrocosm of nature. His art is a natural expression of the body and brush moving together in time. His desire is to escape the mundane and to fly the soul in the mountains and water, feeling moods changing and time shifting, discovering the poetry deep within his heart.


Born in Hangzhou, China, Yuan Jinhua earned his B.A. and Ph.D. from the China Academy of Art. Today he works at the Zhejiang Painting Institute as a full-time artist and director of the Figure Painting Studio. He has exhibited in China, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea and the United States and curated "In Sequence", an exhibition of contemporary Chinese ink art shown in Hangzhou, Shanghai and Singapore.

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