Swatch Faces 2017 - Virginie Litzler

French artist Virginie Litzler at this year's Biennale Arte in Venice

Former artist-in-residence Virginie Litzler is presenting her series Les Géomètres at the Swatch pavilion during the Biennale Arte in Venice. 

In her time as a resident, the French photographer was entranced by the mysterious visual poetry of light and shadow in Shanghai streets. In summer, warmth and pollution bring an intense rhythm to the 24 million inhabitants of Shanghai. Pedestrians, cyclists, drivers and a huge variety of vehicles cohabit small streets, giving them a traffic density similar to big avenues. On the Bund, concrete, marble, huge structures and large windows combine with the midday sun to create firm and solid geometries. The pedestrians are hidden behind their umbrellas or in the shade of plane trees. They do not disappear, however. They are walkers and dance between many histories and stories, at their own pace.

Virginie Litzler is a French artist currently based in Brussels. After completing her MFA at the École Nationale Supérieure Des Beaux Arts de Lyon (France, 2004), Virginie moved to London to continue her post-graduate studies at The Royal College of Art, where in 2006 she received her MA in Photography. She has since exhibited internationally and taught Photography and Fine Art at universities and workshops across the United Kingdom.

Discover also her trace in the Virtual Museum.

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