Frieze presents the Swatch Art Peace Hotel

We had the pleasure to open our doors to Frieze for an immersive journey inside our residency in Shanghai. Discover more through the interviews with some of the residents and the words of our CEO.


Françoise Issaly, Jiang Lining and Angeles Infante discuss how they spend their time at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel residency


‘My connection to the city is stronger now’ says artist Françoise Issaly in this video. ‘I have been allowed to walk the streets, walk the parks, without having to worry about anything else.’ Originally from Canada, Issaly is speaking from her studio in Shanghai, China where she is currently in residence at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel.


Returning to Shanghai after a long absence is artist Jiang Lining, who also features in the video. Titled ‘Recluse’, his project is about looking inwards while focusing on the environment he is currently occupying. ‘This curtain’ he says, ‘this wall, this line, the curve of the shadow, they all come from the hallway.’


Angeles Infante on the other hand, who is from Chile, is looking outwards to Shanghai and its inhabitants for inspiration. Currently collecting stories from children who grew up there, her intention is for the children to feel a sense of belonging. ‘When planning the city,’ she says, ‘we need to think of them.’