04.1 history of the building


The conceptual approach and objectives of the Swatch Art Peace Hotel project were presented in April 2007 by joint venture partners The Swatch Group Ltd and Jin Jiang International Hotels (Group) Company Limited. Restoration work began in 2008 and was completed in 2011.

Built in 1906–1908, the Swatch Art Peace Hotel was known initially as the Palace and later as the Peace Hotel South Building. Today the historic building has been carefully restored, with due respect paid to its heritage and status as a protected cultural monument. One of Shanghai’s most significant and well known landmarks, the building’s facade and characteristic architectural features, including period ceilings and pillar decorations, have been returned to their original splendor, and the hotel interior adapted to accommodate a broad range of functions. The Swatch Art Peace Hotel is set to fulfill its ambitious role as a world-class venue for contemporary art, culture and hospitality, a unique environment in which art is the ultimate luxury.

Under the unique concept of the Swatch Art Peace Hotel, gifted artists from around the world, including China, are invited to Shanghai to live and work in the hotel. Artists who are chosen by the Selection Committee to participate in the Swatch Art Peace Hotel artist residency will experience the vibrant life of this unique artistic and cultural environment. Swatch Group welcomed the first artists to Shanghai and the Swatch Art Peace Hotel in April of 2011.

Visitors to the Swatch Art Peace Hotel may attend a variety of exhibitions on the premises. The top floor of the building hosts the Shook! restaurant and a multipurpose space that can be used for concerts, press conferences, movies and various other public and private events. From the roof terrace, guests can admire a panoramic view of The Bund and the spectacular sights of Pudong across the Huangpu River.

Dedicated boutiques on the ground floor host four of the world's most well known brands: Omega, Blancpain and Swatch. Each of the brand boutiques has been designed to complement and enhance the period decor and cultural ambience of the Swatch Art Peace Hotel.

The Swatch Art Peace Hotel aims to contribute in a significant manner to the cultural and artistic development of Shanghai. Artists will benefit from exposure to an international public at the most prestigious location in Shanghai, and it is hoped the hotel will serve as an open door to the world, a permanent invitation to engage in cultural exchange. The Swatch Art Peace Hotel thus represents both a unique cultural heritage and a remarkable statement of Shanghai’s emerging role as one of the most exciting and influential of world cities today.


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